Cellular Networks Consulting and Engineering Services

CISCOM delivers state-of-art hi-tech services at competitive prices to the Cellular and Wireless operators and vendors in the Arab World region. Our services include:

-Strategic Planning:  We help operators in evaluating and selecting technologies, bidding to license, prepare technical proposals and equipment vendor evaluation.

- Radio Network Planning and Design:   We transform the business plan assumptions and requirements to engineering parameters. We help operators to define coverage and capacity objectives, and to estimate the budget of various network dimensioning versus their set of assumptions. When all assumptions and parameters are finalized, justified and agreed, we carry out Nominal design, Initial design, Radio survey and Field trials, Final design and Frequency planning.

- Traffic Studies and Capacity Planning:   Studying and predicting the growth of the subscriber’s, traffic model and traffic distribution. Advise for the optimum solutions for traffic demands.

- Implementing and Project Management:
  CISCOM has extensive expertise in the  implementation  of digital  cellular  infrastructure networks. This expertise has  been  achieved  through  a  technically competent   engineering  staff  and  comprehensive infrastructure knowledge.

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