Cellular Networks Consulting and Engineering Services

-Network Performance and Benchmarking (Audit):  CISCOM deliver high-quality professional system performance and benchmarking services to the wireless market. We developed automated tools to process the collected data and generate customized reports and plots. We audit the whole GSM network including core, radio access, VAS platforms, transmission systems and other network entities. The audit and benchmarking is carried using state of art tools like link analyzers, drive test tools, OMCR statistics and tools, OMCS statistics and tools, network equipment inventory and asset management tools. We audit technical and technical management processes and procedures.

-Operation and Maintenance : we provide our operation and maintenance services to the world-class customers therefore we mange our services teams to guarantee that all services provided are in accordance with highest standards of the service level agreement.

the maintenance services cover both corrective and preventive actions while performing the maintenance

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