Course: GSM Overview for Executives.
Duration: 3 days
CIS Ref: CIS-06


The explosive growth in demand for GSM services means many more communications professionals
require a thorough grounding in how GSM technologies work.

This course introduces the principles of GSM system, the strategic forces impacting on the cellular marketplace
and GSM; its technology, services and operational issues.

In this course the participant will gain the following:
  • Gain a thorough overview of cellular and GSM technology, services and operations
  • Grasp the essentials of wireless communications and how it interfaces with fixed voice and data networks
Who should attend?
  • Technical sales, marketing, support and non-engineering professionals within network operators,
    service providers and systems vendors and integrators
  • Fixed-line engineers converting to wireless operations
  • Telecom, datacom and IT managers


Detailed contents:

Principals of Cellular Communication Systems
  • GSM Cellular Systems - Advantages
  • European Cellular Systems
  • North American Cellular Systems
  • Global System for Mobile GSM
  • GSM Phases
  • GSM Family
  • GSM Features
  • GSM Services
  • GSM Supplementary Services
  • GSM Recommendations
Network Growth Stages
  • Coverage Network
    • 100% not achievable
    • outdoor coverage
    • In door coverage
    • in car coverage
  • Capacity Network
    • usage ERLANG
  • GSM , GPRS & UMTS Network
  • UMTS Components
Additional Network Components
  • Intelligent Network IN
  • Prepaid
  • Billing
  • CC
  • Quality management
  • VAS Equipment
    • Busy Hour per subscriber
    • traffic distribution
    • call attempts and frequency release
    • congestion concepts
  • Quality Network
    • service availability
    • service accessibility
    • service retainability
    • speech integrity
Network Components
  • Mobile Station MS
  • Base Station Subsystem BSS
  • Network Sub-System NSS
  • Operation Sub System (OSS)
  • NMS
  • GPRS
  • 2.5 Generation (GPRS)
  • GPRS - General
  • GPRS Components
RF Design Process
  • Introduction
  • Pre-Design Activities
  • Nominal Design
  • Initial Design
  • Final Design 1
  • Final Design 2 -System Optimization

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