Course: GPRS Overview for Executives.
Duration: 3 days
CIS Ref: CIS-07


  • Explain the concepts, techniques and terminology related to GPRS
  • Provide a detailed overview of the components, protocols and interfaces used in GPRS
  • Examine the role and position of GPRS within the mobile marketplace
  • Describe the interoperation between GPRS and existing GSM networks
  • Discuss the enhancements to GPRS and the benefits they will provide

Who should attend?
Telecommunications professionals who require a detailed understanding of the components and
functionality of the GPRS system and its future enhancements.

Overview of Mobile Networking or equivalent knowledge. Delegates are strongly recommended
to attend our Understanding GSM course or have equivalent knowledge.

Detailed contents:

Introduction to GPRS
  • Mobile Communication Standards
  • Evolution of Mobile Communications
  • Review of GSM Network Architecture
  • Synopsis of GPRS & its benefits
  • The requirement for GPRS & increased data rates
  • Circuit Switching vs. Packet Switching
  • High Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD)
  • Introduction to Bluetooth & Symbian
  • GPRS Standards/Specifications
TCP/IP Suite
  • Architecture of TCP/IP Suite
  • IP addressing
  • Network Address resolution
  • Transmission Control Protocol TCP
  • User Datagram Protocol UDP
  • Introduction to GTP
GPRS Procedures
  • Mobility Management
  • GPRS Attach/Detach procedures
  • GPRS Routing Area Update procedure
  • CS/PS paging procedures
  • GPRS Authentication procedures
  • PDP Contexts
  • Access Point Names
GPRS Radio Resource Management
  • GPRS Multislot Operation Effects
  • GPRS Channel Coding schemes
GPRS System Overview
  • Overview of the GSM Network Architecture
  • Overview of the GPRS Network Architecture
  • GPRS Element functionality
  • GSM Mobile Station
  • Brief overview of Frame Relay
GSM/GPRS Interfaces
  • GSM Network Interface
  • GPRS Network Interface
  • E1/T1 Carriers
GPRS Signaling & Transmission Protocols
  • GPRS Signaling Plane
  • GPRS Transmission Plane
  • Gn Interface Protocols
  • Gb Interface Protocols
  • Um Interface Protocols
  • GPRS MS Protocols
  • GPRS Air Interface
  • Channel Mapping inc TBF's & USF's
  • GPRS Quality of Service
  • GPRS Mobile Station
GPRS Call Management
  • GPRS - BSS Mobile Originated Packet Transfer
  • GPRS - BSS Mobile Terminated Packet Transfer
GPRS Future Enhancements
  • GPRS Phase II and enhancements
  • Enhanced Data rates of GSM Evolution (EDGE)

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